CPD | Consulting, Programming, Design.

These are the founding pillars of FIX advanced entertainment solution:

we create, develop and coordinate the entire pre and post-production process, through 3D simulation software, specific hardware programming for the management and automation of audio, video and lighting equipment. We are professionals with a twenty-year experience, we work in synergy and we are specialized in lighting design, sound design, 3D graphics and VFX.


We carry out innovative projects in the various sectors dedicated to entertainment: from audio-video technologies to lighting, from digital signage, to automation and digital applications.


Our company also offers services related to the organization, management and scheduled maintenance of audio-video systems and lights of entertainment facilities. Thanks to our experience, we are able to guarantee the ideal support for the creation of artistic and recreational events such as shows, congresses, conferences and seminars.



Our technical knowledge mixed  with creativity helps us to produce high quality live or recorded sound. We take complete control over studio recording, mixing and mastering. We handle all kinds of live events and resolve any audio-related issues that may arise.


We navigate into the digital design field understanding the various shapes it can transfigure in. Our team is focused on creating high-performing designs for our clients starting with 2D animation and motion graphics, through VFX and video editing, to 3D environments design and visualization.


Previsualization is a fundamental element in the creative process of shows, events or architectural installations. Allowing you to view, evaluate and edit your project in a 3D enviroment.
From paper to technical drawings, from 3D to reality we can support you along the whole process making your ideas become a reality.


In the entertainment business technology develops fast and the integration between audio, video, lights and stage is an essential part. On cruise ships, theatres and theme parks Audio Visual integration is the key to delivering an unforgettable experience to customers. At FIXaes we are highly experienced team in this sector, and we utilies our experience to best serve our clients.


Our experience covers indoor and outdoor projects, including cruise ships, yachts, showrooms, educational institutes, lighting installation on building facades and exhibition centres. Furthermore our technical consultation will guide you through your projects to guarantee the maximum standards and an accurate realisation.